Jeopardy for the Coleco Adam

Jeopardy for the Coleco Adam

Jeopardy first aired in 1984 with Alex Trebek as the game show’s host. That same year, Coleco released the video game version on disk. Today’s version of the show is not that much different from it’s 1984 counterpart. The set looks about the same. The only difference is the tech used on the show for displaying the answers and questions. Even so, the look is pretty similar. To keep things in the right context, I compared this game to the Jeopardy game show of 1984.

The game begins with the very recognizable Jeopardy sign in it’s proper font and some music that is good, but doesn’t sound like anything from the television game show. It asks how many players will join in; one, two, or three. It then asks if you are a returning champion. If not, you go on to creating your avatar. Male or female, choose from 3 different characters, and several different color schemes. If you want to look like you came from Mars, that’s pretty much an option with the odd colors available. Then you enter your name. After which, if you chose one player, the other two join you on stage. Then the program asks if you are using a game pack. A game pack is similar to what an expansion pack is. In this case, you can have different questions than the ones that come preloaded in the game.

Then comes the big board of questions. Everything so far is very graphically accurate. You never do see the game’s host however. Since the ADAM does not use a mouse, this game, along with many other ADAM games and programs, utilize the function keys at the top of the keyboard. This makes the game play very easy and smooth. When you get a question right, you hear the roar of the crowd. Not bad for this sound chip. I don’t recall anyone claiming the ColecoVision having great sound, but the sound in the game is good for the time. If you somehow win the game, you are ask if you want your prize. If you opt for the prize, SmartWRITER, the printer, prints out a congratulatory message. That’s pretty neat.

I would have to give the graphics a B, the sound a C+, the play control an A, and the replay value an A-. Oh and if you’re wondering, you never do get to hear the famous final Jeopardy music. It was that reason that I gave the game’s sound a C+ instead of a B-.

I would like to mention that Jeopardy was never available for purchase from any retail store. According to Jim Notini, a member of, stated “Jeopardy was never officially released by Coleco. It was provided to ADAM Users Groups and Mail Order Vendors by employees of Coleco and had to have the Coleco name removed from the title screen in order to distribute.” Shame, because this is an excellent game, which I give a 3 out of 5 stars.

So if you want to have a bit of fun with some dated trivia questions, then give the Coleco ADAM’s Jeopardy a whirl, after all, it’s public domain.

Gameplay Video

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