Classic TV Christmas Collection on DVD

As I mentioned in the holiday gift guide, I am a big fan of this new release by the Warner Archive. It compiles the Christmas episodes from classic (and not so classic) TV shows onto one handy DVD set. This offering includes great holiday themed episodes from CHiPs, Alice, Welcome Back Kotter, Perfect Strangers, Eight is Enough, Mama’s Family and many more. The only complaint I have about this set is that it doesn’t say Volume 1 anywhere on the package. This type of release needs to become a regular thing and once a year is of course never enough. Their must be 100s of Xmas episodes lurking in the Warner Archives, waiting to get out and I want all of them. I guess for now I will need to be content with the first in what I hope are a dozen editions of Classic TV Christmas Collection on DVD.

This DVD Includes:
Dr. Kildare – An Exchange of Gifts 12/24/64
Thinking he’s about to die, a derelict alcoholic gives away his life’s hoardings.

The Courtship of Eddie’s Father – Gifts are for Giving 12/23/70
What goes around comes around when Norman’s prized medallion circulates among the cast. Although not a Christmas episode per se, this story, originally aired two days before the holiday warmly illustrates the pure joy of giving.

CHiPs – Christmas Watch 12/15/79
Christmas season doesn’t mean time off for Jon and Ponch when thieves steal a 500 year-old bell from a community church.

Eight is Enough – Yes Nicholas, There is a Santa Claus – Parts 1 & 2 12/14/77
The Bradford’s Christmas is put on hold when all the family’s presents are stolen.

Welcome Back, Kotter – Sweathog Christmas Special 12/15/77
Mix merriment, mistletoe and menorahs and whip up a Christmas party with the Sweathogs.

Alice – A Semi-Merry Christmas 12/18/77
Alice, Tommy, Flo, Vera, and Mel spend Christmas together snowbound in a semi trailer.

Perfect Strangers – The Gift of the Mypiot 12/16/88
Balki ruins Larry’s holiday mood by inviting his lonely boss, Mr. Gorpley, to the their Christmas Eve party.

Mama’s Family – Mama Gets Goosed 12/20/86
Mama frets about cooking a live goose for Christmas dinner.

Veronica’s Closet – Veronica’s Christmas Song 12/18/97
Veronica and Olive audition to sing at a Christmas concert at Lincoln Center.

Suddenly Susan – The Walk Out 12/19/96
When Jack doesn’t hand out Christmas bonuses, the staff goes on strike.


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