8-Bit Zardoz Intro

8-Bit Zardoz Intro

I realize of course you might be thinking, isn’t an 8-Bit Zardoz intro a little odd. Yes, it most certainly is but I would counter with, have you seen the 1974 movie for yourself? When it comes down to it, friends, an 8-Bit Zardoz is pretty tame!

Zardoz was directed by John Boorman. It most assuredly feels like a 70’s film and I do mean that as a compliment. It was written and produced as well by Boorman and boasted the talents of Sean Connery. In addition to Connery’s acting talents it also managed to indeed present the actor like fans had never seen him before.

Believe it or not, the reason the film was made was due to The Lord of the Rings. Seriously. John Boorman was attached to direct a live action version of Tolkien’s work. This was of course before Ralph Bakshi delivered the 1978 animated film. United Artists balked at the potentional price tag for the fantasy film. Boorman naturally decided to keep with a film featuring fantastical elements and Zardoz was born.

8-Bit Zardoz - Sean Connery - Pistol

However that didn’t mean audiences were ready…or possibly are ready today for what Boorman delivered. The basic plot? Zardoz, a floating stone head gives weapons to a race of beings called the “Brutals”. With strict instructions to kill one another in an attempt to gain the prize of immortality.

While Zardoz didn’t set the world on fire with its box office take it has certainly become a cult film. I might even add that it is in fact the epitome of THE cult film. At the very least it led us an 8-Bit Zardoz intro though, right?

It was loyal reader, Dax Delap, who was kind enough to send me this link over on YouTube for this Zardoz game intro. Unfortunately it’s not really a lost game or anything of the kind of course, but it is an awesome bit of artwork done by nickcriscuolo nonetheless! While John Boorman would probably be amused by that 8-Bit Zardoz intro and the film’s cult status. At the very least, 7 years later he would direct Excalibur!


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  1. Another game I would love to see made.

  2. I know, it breaks the heart, right?

  3. I imagine the first level would be you having to gather up enough grain to give to Zardoz, in order to get a gun.

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