The best video game cover art of the Sega Genesis

The best video game cover art of the Sega Genesis

I love my Sega Genesis (The Mega Drive for many of you non-North American gamers). While my childhood was spent playing the Atari, ColecoVision and the Nintendo Entertainment System, I matured both as a person and as a gamer during the run of the Genesis. I did what Nintendon’t. I was welcomed to the next level! I am unable to even think of the system without singing “Seeeeeegaaaa,” out loud. With that in mind I wanted to chose a game publisher that mostly published for this system. After taking a look through my personal cart stash I knew the company to go with. Without further ado, let us take a look at the world of games from Renovation Products!

Earnest Evans

I know I am asking a lot right off the bat, but let us leave all the Indiana Jones jokes out of this one for now. It would just be to easy. With that in mind, this cover is pretty awesome. We have our hero, Ernie atop a speeding train, fending off some gangsters and some super HGH version of himself. Not only does Double “E” have to deal with that, he has a bi-plane flying it with both barrels blasting. That is a ton of action on just one cover. Tack on the temple and jungle in the background, you have the kind of cover that makes me want to play the game. Best part of this cover: Earnest is blocking machine gun bullets with the golden idol in his hand. Okay, let’s face facts. How did Lucas not sue over this? The character in the game looks nothing like Indiana Jones (jeans, blond hair, long boots, etc)? How did they get away with it?


As ridiculous as this cover looks, it is completely accurate. This game is a horizontal shoot’em up where you are indeed the space ship on the cover and you do fight giant bizarre creatures as bosses. You do indeed fight a grim reaper, a blue skinned mermaid with one heckuva beefy arm, and the strange green, ruby knuckle encrusted gladiator. . . thing. Sometimes truth in advertising is a little goofy and while this cover does indeed tell the truth, it does the game no justice. If you love games like R-Type and Gradius, this is a must play. It has a unique weapon system, colorful graphics and good action, everything you want in shooter. Just open the case with your eyes closed so you can forget about what’s on the cover.

El Viento (The Wind)

This cover. . . makes me feel funny. The woman on the cover is . . . dressed like. . .ummm, still feeling funny. Ok, remember, family website, FAMILY WEBSITE! Our heroine here is displaying her powers in the game, hurling a little fire blast with one of her boomerangs ready to go. Something about these villains seem familiar? Well this game is part of a trilogy of games where Earnest Evans was the first of the games. So, yeah! More gangsters! I can imagine what the two main gangsters on the cover are thinking: “OK, we have to kill this dame but wait, look how she is dressed? Did she just hurl a fireball at one of our guys? We need to put her down. . . .wait, you feel funny too?”

Arrow Flash

Another shooter, another wacky cover. That space dragon looks angry as all heck. Like he was just cruising along in space, trying to eat himself some strange Princess Leigh hair bun having space fireflies when out of no where a giant mecha shows up to ruin his tasty meal. Is it me or is the pilot of the robot a little too exposed? I mean, when I an engaged in a life and death struggle with a giant space borne draco-form I would like a little bit more between me and the cold, icy death of pure vacuum than a lens from half a pair of old school 3-D glasses. Armor is a wonderful thing. Might want to look into that.

Gain Ground
Gain Ground

Wow! Don’t you want to play this game right now? This cover has so much going on it is hard to break it down. You got a werewolf with a laser gun on the top left. Some sort of white eyed space marine bug man in the back. A crazy leaping monkey man to the right. An army of demon samurai on the bottom. We haven’t even gotten to the zoom yellow eggs thingy and orange planets yet! What about the heroes. Super deadly Samurai wielding a katana? Check. Space soldier warrior woman with blaster pistol and skin tight green and brown cat suit? Check. M. Bison blasting away with a some sort of shotgun? Double check! Gain Ground just gained my money!

Well, it is time to pull this Genesis train out of the Renovation Station. In regards to next week, allow me to leave you with a riddle: When is a Konami game not a Konami game? While you ponder that, please excuse me. I have a series of space dragon gangsters knocking on my door and it’s just me, M. Bison and some lady wearing a series of red and white handkerchiefs. I need to ready my bullet proof idol and help that lady out with her boomerang and. . . . .umm. . . funny feelings!


OffisaPups is a lover of fine retro gaming (video as well as board), classic comic strips and has a noggin filled with decades of television ads and song lyrics. Due to fears of a zombie apocalypse, do not approach OffisaPups while groaning, staggering with out-stretched arms, or requesting brains. Needless to say, OffisaPups has a very understanding and patient wife and a daughter who has no hope of a normal, non-dork upbringing.

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  1. I’ve got to do some research on Earnest Evans. You mention that the protagonist in the game doesn’t look like the cover. Bait & Switch! This looks like a fantastic Indiana Jones game that I would love to play. But, if the game didn’t live up to the cover, I’d be severely disappointed. I’m ready to grab an idol, a whip, and hop on top of a moving train.

  2. May I just say that Gain Ground is extremely addictive? It is.

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