Why was J. C. Penneys my Favorite Store as a Kid? Dungeons & Dragons!

I was reading the D&D modules “The Secret of Bone Hill” last night and it just occurred to me why I loved going to JC Penneys when I was a kid.

Secret of Bone Hill

Did you catch it? Well I did, especially when I was a kid. Back in the day, Penneys used sell more then just clothing and it was paradise for a kid. Especially their frequently marked down roleplaying supplies.

secret of bone hill price


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6 thoughts on “Why was J. C. Penneys my Favorite Store as a Kid? Dungeons & Dragons!

  1. Jason K. says:

    I guess that would explain the clearance price…nobody knew they were selling that stuff, so they had to get rid of it somehow…

  2. The only place I could find D and D stuff in my youth was at an old Otasco store. When it went under I had to wait until the mid 80’s when Walden books was the place to go at the local mall to snag a ton of Role-Playing games. Star Wars, Torg, Top Secret, and of course Dungeons and Dragons.

  3. Doug says:

    JC Pennys was my place to get Masters of the Universe toys. For some reason, they had a good selection there. Maybe because everyone else was at Toys R Us and Kay Bee.

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