Happy Wookie Life Day

We here at the Retroist are just about to trim the wroshyr tree, launch some fireworks, and then maybe eat some Wookiee-ookiees and Hoth chocolate in observance of Life Day. This is a holiday everyone here really gets behind, so on this very special day we would like to share some rare pieces of fake Star Wars memorabilia with you.

Allow me to elaborate/obfuscate. You may not know this, but for the Star Wars Holiday Special, they were going to release a title for the Atari 2600. We have access to the rare prototypes of this that we would like to share. Here is the game, which if you notice is in disturbingly pristine condition. It was called The Faithful Wookie.

Faifthful Wookie

The game is simple. You play Chewie and you need to let the wroshr tree get to 300 feet. Problem is Boba Fetts keep coming down and knocking the tree down. Stop the Fetts and let your tree grow to its full height and a happy life day will be had by all. Here is a screenshot from the game:

Life Day

So a gift, from us to you. We hope you have a safe and happy Life Day and we will see you all at the Great Temple tonight.


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