Mystery Circuit Presents “The Drumssette”

Mike Walters makes such interesting musical machines. Not only do they sound cool, but they are often visually quite stunning. Take for example his most recent creation, “The Drumssette”. Which is, in its creators words:

…is a programmable drum machine I built using a Tascam four track cassette recorder. The sounds of the drums come right off the prerecorded cassette tape, and those sounds also clock the sixteen step sequencer inside. As the cassette plays, rhythms can be mapped out on the switch interface. This is how it works…

Each of the four tracks on the cassette tape contain a single, repeating drum sound. Track one has high hat, track two cymbal, bass drum on track three, and the last track has snare. These drums are synchronized with each other, and each track is isolated from the next.

I know virtually nothing about music, except how to listen to it, but for some reason, I want to own this machine. Perhaps because it is so wonderfully retro techy:

For more information on the build of “The Drumssette” and to hear it in actions drop by The Drumssette [@] Mystery Circuits


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