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Better than Bacon!

Friends, as my alter ego, Unicron2005, I’ve been known to frequent the XBLA third-person shooter, Monday Night Combat, for hours at a time. I love the futuristic sports style of the game, its tower defense type of gameplay, and I absolutely adore the hilarious comments by in-game but off-screen sports […]

pepsi pop art ad

Pop Art? Pepsi Cool Cans

I am really bummed that the last rounds of Pepsi Throwback has disappeared from my ares. So I got all Pepsi nostalgic today and started searching for the Pepsi stuff from my youth, when I came upon this great ad for Cool Cans. I remember the can in the lower […]

The ABCs According to Amanda Lear

This is exactly the kind of alphabet I would expect from someone who spent copious amounts of time with Salvador Dali. This incredibly creepy 1977 version of the alphabet is brought to you by Dali muse (and onetime David Bowie inamorata) Amanda Lear. In all honesty, I’d never really heard […]

Mario Anatomy

The Anatomy of Mario

Did you ever wonder what Mario looked like on the inside? You did? You are sick! Sick! You are also in luck. Luck! Because artist Jason Freeny sculpted this very detailed Mario anatomical cutaway model. They do not look to be for sale, but I think if they hit stores […]

ewok birthday cake

Ewok Birthday Cake

When I was a kid I absolutely adored the Ewoks, but as a I got older my opinion shifted to match most adults, “why all the puppets?” The this morning I opened my email and found a link to this little guy. Not only does he look delicious, but he […]