The Terror Within / Dead Space – A DVD Double Feature

Its weird, I was watching horror movies all month for Halloween and now that it is over, I still have a hankering for some horror. Lucky for me I have the next release in the Roger Corman Cult Classic’s Double Feature, The Terror Within and Dead Space. Both of these titles are mid grade SF movie horror that promised some good old fashioned turn of the 90s chills. Don’t believe me? Just read the descriptions and watch these trailers:


In the aftermath of a chemically induced plague that wipes out most of the world, the only survivors are a small group of scientists trapped in a laboratory 500 feet below the ground in the Mojave Desert. But they are not alone. The Terror Within stars Academy Award winner George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke), Andrew Stevens (The Fury) and Terri Treas (The Nest).


Phaebon had been thought to be a safe and controlled research facility until a distress signal calls for Commander Kreiger (Marc Singer) and his robot Tinpan. Together, they try to save the planet from a spreading virus and an odd and growing cocoon in Dead Space, a loose remake of Forbidden World. Also starring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Laura Tate.

(When they say a loose remake of Forbidden World, they ain’t lying.)

These are pure and simple low budget movies filled with people at weird stages in their careers, I am talking to you Singer and Kennedy. Now I am not sure how they feel about having to take roles in low budget horror, but the benefit is all to the viewer, because those two actors still have the charisma needed to chew through scenes and make both films more enjoyable then they have a right to be. Plus you get some early Bryan Cranston and I challenge you not to see his future star potential.

No way either of these films will win any awards, but if you like cheap low budget horror with a decent casts that are loads of fun, this is a good DVD to pick up for a night of movie watching.

Terror Within / Dead Space (Roger Corman’s Cult Classics) [@] Amazon

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  1. I’ve seen the Terror Within back in the day but I know nothing about Dead Space…is it me is Singer’s robot companion, Tinpan, actually one of the Slayers from Krull?

    I’ll have to add this to the Netflix queue. :)

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