Say Hello To Some Old Friends!

I’ve stated on this site before that I am something of a devotee to the works of the genius we all knew as Jim Henson. I can still recall the memory of waking up on the morning of May 16th, 1990 tired from too much NES playing to my father standing in my bedroom doorway, he said that CNN had just announced Henson’s passing. I merely replied that I wasn’t going to school that day and my father was kind enough to nod his head and say he would call the school to report my illness. I spent most of that morning, scarfing Kellog’s Pop Tarts and watching old Muppet Show episodes I had recorded on VHS.

Today, we fans of Henson have been given our first look at the old gang back in action with this photo, an exclusive to Entertainment Weekly until the wonderful Stitch Kingdom was sent the below image as well.

Muppets-Stitch Kingdom

Introduced for the first time in the above photo is Walter (Holding the Iphone), Jason Segel’s Muppet friend and rumored to be the reason for the Muppets getting back together in the upcoming Walt Disney Muppet film, schedule to hit the theaters December 25th, 2011. Jason Segel is taking on writing and the starring role with James Bobin taking the directing chair.

Friends, there is so much to love about that photo above. Look at Fozzy in the corner, just laying back and taking it easy, as most of the cast seem to be going over the script. Beaker in the background looks like he is about to use a screwdriver on a lightbulb…oh, that cannot end well…poor Beaker.


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