New Tron Legacy Trailer (Spoilers)

This newest trailer for Walt Disney’s upcoming Tron Legacy shows us a little more of the father and son bond as well as a bit more of program and vehicles getting derezzed left and right! Some of the snippets of this trailer were full scenes that I was able to watch on Tron Night 2010 a few weeks back. At this point almost anything that they show in a trailer is going to be spoilers so you have been warned, but if you are seriously aching for any new Tron news that hits the net then this new trailer will really, really make your day.


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6 thoughts on “New Tron Legacy Trailer (Spoilers)

  1. vinvectrex says:

    There was so much opportunity to screw this up…and I’m delighted that it is looking so good so far. I’ve waited a long time for a Tron sequel – and to me, it seems the wait was worth it with the quality that they’ve been able to deliver. Thanks for keeping us up on Trontastic news!

  2. Watching this gives me some hope, but also makes me feel a little anxious. I guess so much could be wrong with it that I am not seeing and I always worry that art direction will influence story in weird ways.

    I will say positive. I will stay positive.

  3. @Vinvectrex Hey, thanks for continuing to read my Tron news. Ha, ha.

    I really wish I could get my hands on some of that stuff from Sam’s room as a young boy, check out those wicked Tron bedsheets! :)

  4. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    Is Tron actually in this movie? Alan Bradley is but what about the Tron program? He is nowhere in any trailer and not in the action figure line, which is on shelves now.

  5. Well, SMDJ, that is the question…there are rumors that he is indeed in the trailers. Not to jump into spoiler territory with both feet but take a good look at the costumes of some of the bad guys…especially the available toys. ;)

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