The Goonies’ 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray

Some movies have a powerful effect on young kids. They are the movies that will shape you and when you grow up you will look back on them with a special fondness that time or trends cannot erase. My parents would regale me with stories and make me watch the musicals and westerns of their youths and I could see them transform into the kids that could go to the movies all day for a dime (or so they told me). Now when I need to go to that same place, when I want to transform back into a milk dud chomping little retroist, I have a couple of movies I can call upon. One of my favorite, Goonies, just got a 25th Anniversary Edition release that has far exceeded my expectations, so I thought I would gush about it and hopefully encourage you to check it out.

goonies 25th blu-ray

I bought The Goonies on VHS pretty much the first day it was available and watched the tape to death. It literally died in the VCR. Then came the DVD. I lent it out a few years ago and never saw it again. So I was about to replace it when I heard that HD movies were on the horizon, so I decided to wait and wait. I am glad I did, because this 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray, looks amazing. The finest transfer I have seen of Goonies (obviously) and the sound is much better then anything every produced on my VCR or DVD player (sorry guys).

Plus this thing is loaded on disc extras and few very whimsical non-discs ones, including:

*Cast commentary with director and all seven actors (on disc)
* The Making of the Goonies documentary (on disc)
* Cyndi Lauper music video “The Goonies ‘R Good Enough” (on disc)
* Outtakes (on disc)
* A new board game (how many movies do you know that come with a board game?)
* original movie storyboard reproductions
* 1985 souvenir magazine reprint (love it, all 64 pages of it)
* 2009 Empire Magazine article reprint with cast photos and updates (already had it, but still cool)

I am loving everything about this. Yes, yes I know I can be easy to please, but you got to admit, this is a pretty nice dose of extra on top of a great transfer of a classic 80s movie. So do yourself a favor, get yourself or that Goonies fan in your life a copy of the The Goonies’ 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray. The set is available at all of the more discriminating retail outlets in disc form, but if you are trying to get yourself weened off of discs, there is an alternative. Goonies is available via iTunes with a whole host of extras.


So you have choices…

The Goonies’ 25th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ra [via] Amazon
The Goonies with Extras [via] iTunes

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  1. I used to buy those souvenir programs a lot and I had the Goonies one. I wish I still had those programs.

  2. Very awesome! I will have this in my hands before Christmas, this I swear. :)

  3. It’s good enough for me.

  4. @AtariAdventureSquare I salute you, friend! That was well done. :)

  5. Wow – one of the best special releases that I’ve ever seen! I’ll be curious to hear if you end up playing the game.

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