Early U.S. Space Flight Glass (1963)

When I was a kid we had a lot of Space Exploration stuff in our house. Amongst those things was this swell glass that talked about the early history of space flight. I had not seen this glass in years (not sure where it is) and was very excited to spot it for sale on Hakes. Wouldn’t it be great to drink your morning cup of juice out of this glass?

space glass

4″ tall. Four images and text below. Includes “Explorer 1/First U.S. Orbital Flight Jan. 31, 1958; U.S. Animal Test Flight ‘Enos’ Nov. 29, 1961; First U.S. Spaceman Allen B. Shepherd, Jr. May 5, 1961; Longest U.S. Manned Flight L. Gordon Cooper Jr. May 15-16, 1963.” Scarce and Exc.

Early U.S. Space Flight Glass (1963) [@] Hake’s


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4 thoughts on “Early U.S. Space Flight Glass (1963)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I’m sure Taylor would agree that *this* is who should’ve landed on the ape planet, instead of him.

    Nifty glass to remember the thrilling Space Race years.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The great orangutan doctor was not a big fan of human science.
    I wouldn’t submit it to him, lest you be pelted by dusty antique dolls and collared by Grl. Ursus for just plain speaking.

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