The Coolest Way To Play Zork? With a Typewriter.

Vic Sage sent me this last night and I was very wowed. Jonathan M. Guberman, who is the inventor of the Automatypewriter, has made “new way to experience interactive fiction,” by making text adventure games playable via a typewriter. Sure it is slower, and perhaps a bit wasteful, but I find watching him play it absolutely hypnotic. See for yourself.

A new way to interact with fiction [via] Kotaku


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3 thoughts on “The Coolest Way To Play Zork? With a Typewriter.

  1. Ah, the sounds of a typewriter. Impressive. I’m not very technical but if I were I’d hook up my typewriter just like this and play me some Wishbringer!

  2. @Ugly American You mean when we could sit in our smoking jackets with the evening pipe and read the latest in interactive fiction?

    I’d pay some good money to see Guberman build that very thing, wouldn’t you? :)

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