Jungle Hunt

If you want a quick and easy game with great graphics then, Jungle Hunt for the ColecoVision is for you! Seems like I knew plenty of kids with a ColecoVision and every one of them had Jungle Hunt. I never did but I was always envious of them. I regarded that game as a must have but could never sway my parents into getting it for me… Oh well. I never saw the arcade version when I was a kid so I had to look it up on YouTube. Turns out that Jungle Hunt in the arcade has a pretty good soundtrack. Unfortunately, this didn’t make it to the home version. However, like many ColecoVision games, this is still a great port of an arcade classic.

The basic premise of the game is this: you’re a European explorer out to rescue a woman kidnapped by jungle cannibals (isn’t that always the way of us Europeans? – Ed). To save her, you must swing from vines, swim through shark invested waters, run up mountains (dodging falling rocks in the process) then super jump over the cannibals and a cauldron of boiling water to untie the captive woman. Sounds difficult, huh? Actually, it isn’t. The game is quite easy, even on the hardest settings. There is something of an end screen, but then the game starts over on a more difficult level. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to deal with gorillas swinging on the vines.

There are only two negative things I can say about this game. One: it’s too short and Two: the colors are awful! I can easily look past the colors because the graphics are hot for 1983. Do yourself a favor and look at ANY game on the Atari 2600 in 1983 then compare: The motion of the explorer, the swinging vines, falling rocks, and the scenery. All of which are very smooth. You get to: swing around like Spider-Man, swim with sea life (knife a few in the process), jog up a mountain and hang with jungle cannibals. This is a FUN game! Go Coleco or GO HOME!

Gameplay Video

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