Atari Pencils!

I was just tooling around the internet this evening when I stumbled upon some images for vintage Atari game pencils. Todd Franklin was kind enough to share some photos of his collection on his personal blog. I can assure you that I’ve never seen these pencils in the wild myself…but I would lay down some serious money now if I could get my hands on them.

Atari Pencils 1

Atari Pencils 2

Dig-Dug, Jungle Hunt, Pengo, Kangaroo, Moon Patrol, Haunted House, Missile Command, Asteroids, Warlords, and…wait for it…SwordQuest! So many pencils, who knew these little pieces of painted wood could bring such a large smile to my face? Make sure to check out Todd’s wonderful story on his quest to obtain all of the Atari pencils!
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  1. Fantastic! If I had these as a kid, they’d still be mint – I would’ve hated to use them and risk ruining the cool logos.

  2. Those are awesome! I want some now….

  3. They used to sell these at my school. Awesome.

  4. Wow! Space Dungeon. Talk about a rarity, at least in its arcade form. That tells me that these pencils were put out in the 5200 era, since that particular game was ported to the 5200.

  5. I have a ton of pencils from my childhood but none of these! Wow, these are really neat!

  6. @BDD Space Dungeon! I couldn’t figure out which pencil that one was, friend. I’m afraid I do not know of this title…need to fix that and quick. :)

    We need to find where Bushnell hid his bunker of these and ask real nicely if he would send us some!

  7. i have some of these pencils if anyone is interested?

  8. I have a ton of Atari pencils that I collected when I was in 6th grade. MANY years ago. Let me know if you are interested in buying them. Send me your email and I’ll send you a photo.

  9. I was going through my garage cleaning and sorting my things and stumbled upon 7 of these pencils in near mint condition…. completely forgot about them. kind of made me feel old

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