The Addams Family Animated Series – The Complete Series Now Available on DVD

Great decisions are being made over the Warner Archive this month (see…Thundarr!). Now, just in time for Halloween they have released the long overlooked Hanna-Barbera classic, The Addams Family Animated Series. I watched the original Addams Family (non-adnimated) almost anytime I was home in the afternoon growing up as a kid thanks to re-runs. I loved the show. Then one Saturday morning, I happened to catch them re-running this animated gem and I was hooked. I would get up at 6 am to make sure I had the TV reserved so I could catch it, then as suddenly as the show appeared, it went away. After that it became a rare commodity in any decent form amongst fans and I was hard pressed to find certain episodes. Well no more! Now you to can catch the full run of the animated Adventures of the Addams clan with this 4 DVD set.

Addams Family

Be delightfully miserable with the Addams Family as they take to the road in their Victorian-styled RV for spooktacular cross-country quests only they can conjure. From Nashville to New Orleans, New Mexico and Hawaii, these peculiar parents – Gomez and Morticia – treat their family to misadventures, including outwitting a band of gold thieves, freeing the animals from New York’s Central Park Zoo and racing a horse in the Kentucky Derby. They even win a piece of the moon and with Uncle Fester’s rocket, the trip will be a blast! You may remember them as “altogether ooky,” but the spirit of this family is contagious! Scream with joy over this 4-Disc, 16-Episode The Addams Family: Season 1!

You get 480 minutes of animated fun, on these made to order DVDs from the Archive. Its great fun that is sure to trigger many great Saturday Morning Memories in older viewers and hopefully inspire newfound respect for the Addams family in younger watchers.

The Addams Family Animated Series – The Complete Series [@] The Warner Archive


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