You Know They Got a Hell of a Band


Year: 2006
Director: Mike Robe
Writer: Mike Robe
Starring: Steven Weber, Kim Delaney, Jacinta Stapelton, William McNamara, Erin Wright, Joe Sagal, Kristian Schmid, Tony Rickards, Fletcher Humphrys, Damien Richardson
Favorite Quotes: “Let’s go…because Rock and Roll will never die!”

We have the last of the really worthy short films (once again there is that salve to ease my mental anguish) from the Nightmares & Dreamscapes television event from a few years back on TNT. This one while having some faults really does offer up a pretty nightmarish situation when all is said and done.

We start the short film with Husband and Wife, Clark (Weber) and Mary (Delaney) Rivingham on the open highway in Oregon with plans to visit Tokokee Falls but after finding a shortcut on the map, Clark not heeding his wife’s misgivings plunges the two into a nightmarish situation. Mary quickly becomes more and more agitated as the continue through the backwoods area and before they know it not only does the pavement end and turns to a dirt road but there are no signs of telephone poles or any type of civilization help in case their car would breakdown. Of course it doesn’t help that the CD player ejects its CD at one point after melting it, sure sign that you are headed in the wrong direction.

Finally, just as Mary is about to lose it, they find a welcome sign inviting them to the town of Rock and Roll Heaven. Mary doesn’t like what she see, the whole place resembles a 1950’s by way of television. Though unlike classic television most of the inhabitants of Rock and Role Heaven are downright rude. Clark is clearly fascinated by the place but Mary pleads with her husband to turn the car around or just find the highway as quick as they can. Clark is able to convince her to stop in at the local diner for something to drink before they get back on the road but he notices something odd himself about a few of the citizens but can’t quite put his finger on it, like he has met some of them before. We end spoilers for this short film here.

I can’t really talk about the other performances of the cast beside Weber and Delaney without giving away most of the episode, which I just won’t do, but I think that if you can catch this on TNT or even if you feel up to adding it to your Netflix queue you’ll at the very least be entertained for an hour. But if you are like me you’ll kind of get the shivers by how things play out. I bestow four pumpkins out of five to You Know They Got a Hell of a Band.

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