Stephen King Rules T-Shirt

This is a great shirt from found item clothing. If you are confused as to the pop culture significance of this beauty…

The Monster Squad was a definite favorite growing up, and now, it has finally made its way to DVD! A long overdue release if there ever was one. To celebrate the release of this underrated 80’s classic, we’ve recreated the Stephen King Rules shirt worn in the movie. To bring this shirt back to life, we remade the font from scratch to ensure the proper 80’s lettering style. Simple, yet striking, Stephen King Rules is printed on red American Apparel t-shirts.

Stephen King Rules T-Shirt [@] founditemclothing

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  1. Do we get to draw Monsters in math class while wearing that shirt?

  2. That is so early 80’s! Look how generic the type is, so typical of the time.

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