Mad Scientist Monster Lab Mania

I got this for Christmas (the Christmas before Nintendo hit and thus the last Christmas I even asked for toys), but it would be the perfect toy to get and play with on Halloween: Mad Scientist Monster Lab. The crown jewel of the Mattel Mad scientist line (which included Dissect-An-Alien, Glowing Glop, Eyeball Makers, Splatters, and various other gross, sci-fi/classic monster toys), the Monster Lab offered the young Mad-Scientist-to-be the opportunity to “make” a monster and then “bubble off their flab”. The monster making and bubbling started with the fabrication of a skeleton from plastic bones, the covering of the skeleton with Monster Flesh compound, and the addition of various features (horns, eyes, etc). Once the monster was created, Powered Monster Flesh Remover (which my friends claimed was simply citric acid) and Secret Froth formula were added to the water in the lab vat. The monster was then dropped into the vat and his flesh would gradually be eaten away, reducing him to a skeleton once more in a dramatic display that the commercial proclaimed to be “Too Gross”.

Now I don’t recall spending a huge amount of time with the Monster Lab. I spent a lot more time with the Eyeball Makers and Monster Kits (which had been reduced to $1 at the local Toys-R-Us). I think the fact that it constantly required fresh supplies of Monster Flesh, Monster Flesh Remover, and Secret Froth Formula kept me from enjoying it as much as I could would have liked. That, and the fact that the monster flab-bubbling process left a thick green residue on the bottom of the vat that wasn’t shown on the commercial. But if I had the chance today, I wouldn’t mind tossing a few monsters into the old lab and seeing if it was still “too gross”.


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