Cart Art Halloween Special: Ghosts!

I have a guilty pleasure. It’s Ghosts. I love stories about ghosts. I love legends about ghost. I love night vision green television shows about people trying to hunt ghosts. Be they vengeful spirits, pesky poltergeists, scary specters, awesome apparitions, Ghosts are just great. My first ever Halloween costume was a ghost and every few years I buy a fresh white sheet, cut out some eye holes and I am ready to go to candy town. With this in mind, I left the best for last when it comes to Cart Art as we delve deep into the world of Ghostly game covers.

Bubble Ghost

I normally stick to the US covers of game but I could not pass this beauty. I dare you to look at this cover and not fall in love with that little rosy cheeked rapscallious rascal of a ghost. He is so cute. At first the background seem liked some sort of mountain range in space but after careful study, I found that they are all melting candles. This means the ghost is not only adorable, but tiny as well. If you can’t love a tiny bubble blowing ghost who blows so hard that his checks turn red, then you sir or mad’am, have no soul.

Laser Ghost

This cover has has that same sort of bulbous, cartoony art that the Alex Kidd games have, only even more confusing. Flames, flying skulls, scary painting, I understand all of that but why is there a car inside a building? I can live with an evil, possessed mid size sedan with teeth and a tongue but I fail to understand why it is inside a building. Taking a closer look at this cover, it would be terrifying if the art style was not so goofy. There is a fat guy being hung who is spitting out a drunken fly. The girl on the cover (who has one giant left hand) is forced to flee from not only the undead but also from a flaming floor and airborne shards of glass. You draw this cover with more realism, I might poo my pants, but as it is, it’s just a little oddity.


And now, a simple list of things to enjoy on this cover:

– While fleeing in terror, the Dad manages to not only to fail to scream in terror like the rest of his family, but he managed to keep his cigar in his mouth.

– Is the Mom’s hair that pulled back or is it being scared off her?

– I am unable to look at the lips on the couch without thinking of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I think this is a more of a judgment of me then this cover.

– Is Polterguy the ghost of Guile from Street Fighter 2?

– More games need to have red backgrounds that look like old wall treatments and couches found in my grandmother’s house. I’m just saying.


What a great title. The picture is nothing to write home about, just the see through gumshoe in a spooky grave yard (but look at his feet, like a pair of gray, overstuffed sausages). It is the Level 9 Adventure logo pattern behind the artwork that is interesting. It is so rare to find a logo so good that is displayed in such an eyeball melting way. The L and 9 locked together is great, especialy when they come together and the 9 part also looks kind of like an A so you get all three characters that make up the abbreviation for the publishing company. However, the black and white checkerboard Heck that is repeated destroys just how great the logo it. I want my eyes to go slack and see if I can find the hidden 3D image like it is one of magic eye posters. The background should not distract from the real artwork.


I knew once I decided on ghosts, I would have to include a Pac-Man cover, but which one? Oh wait, there is only one great and wacky Pac-Man cover and it is this fantastic piece of work. What a great and different way of imaging the Pac-Man world. Just look at Blinky (the red ghost). He has got that evil grin, licking his lips in anticipation in ending Pac-Man’s life. I love that the artist gave the ghost legs and that outstretched arm. Though not a ghost, the Pac-Man is great, dressed like a marathon runner, thin and nervous looking, reaching out to consume the pellets and looking back at the ghost nipping at his heels. That is a great way of representing the game. Eating and looking back to avoid the ghosts is exactly what you do in the game. If only Pac-Man wore tube socks and had a single giant tooth in the game, I would never stop playing it.

Special Bonus Cover: Monster Party

I would be remiss if I spent the entire month of October without including his cover. I will not say anything more as the cover speaks for it’s self. Just enjoy.

With all Hallows Eve upon us, we bring to a close to our month long Halloween Special Cart Arts. Fret not my dear Retro fans, we will be back in November with an all new, month long theme! If you have any comments or suggestions for Cart Art, please feel free to leave them in the comments section or send me an email at Now if you excuse me, I have an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on my back someone saw a cockroach up on twelve. Bustin’ makes me feel good!


OffisaPups is a lover of fine retro gaming (video as well as board), classic comic strips and has a noggin filled with decades of television ads and song lyrics. Due to fears of a zombie apocalypse, do not approach OffisaPups while groaning, staggering with out-stretched arms, or requesting brains. Needless to say, OffisaPups has a very understanding and patient wife and a daughter who has no hope of a normal, non-dork upbringing.

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  1. I love Scapeghost based on the title alone. I realize that this is Cart “Art”, but c’mon – that is a great title. And, I’m going to have to disagree on the Pac-Man packaging. I always felt that the artist for this cover had Pac-Man described to him or her, but never actually played the game. Castle walls? Clouds? Marathon attire? And, how cute are the ghosts in the game? Very! But, that is lost in this art. Way to stir up some controversy, though! Excellent post!

  2. If Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci made a video game, I think the resulting cover art might look like Laser Ghost.

    Also, everything is better with Rocky Horror lips on em.

    And dunno about the ensuing controversy, but I kinda like the buck-toothed Pac-Man cover.
    Maybe I’m partial to castle walls.

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