Rowntree Video Vampire Halloween Contest (1983)

What the what! This commercial is amazing! How have I never seen this ad before? The animation, the narration it is perfection.


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6 thoughts on “Rowntree Video Vampire Halloween Contest (1983)

  1. That was absolutely incredible! Though I’m not too sure how well I would enjoy living near that house…giant video vampire heads rising up shining eye lights in through my windows. :)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Terrific visuals!
    CKVR is a tv station in Barrie, Ontario.

    But the animation is from Mars.
    Or Venus.
    Or it’s swamp gas.

  3. Nathan Ross says:

    That looks a heck of a lot like the beginning of Heavy Metal. Even the narrator is the same. Anyone with me?

  4. It does have a Heavy Metal quality to it. After watching it a few more time it also feels like either Lisberger Studios was involved or influenced this commercial.

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