1976 King Kong 3-Ring Binder

Have you been shown up time and again, but that stuch up Trapper Keeper gang at your school or work? Want to impress the noodles out of them this month? Well I think I found the solution to your problems. Show them just how cool and retro you are with this authentic King Kong 3 Ring Binder from the 1976 movie. Growing up I had this exact image on a full sized movie poster above my bed.

1976 King Kong 3-Ring Binder [@] Hake’s


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4 thoughts on “1976 King Kong 3-Ring Binder

  1. This is so awesome! You know what though? I could never figure out what he is crushing in his giant palm…is it a rocket…and airplane? I used to have the boardgame for this movie, the one where you had to climb up the building and not get tagged by King Kong when you had to spin his plastic marker. I spent hours playing that game.

  2. NinjaRob says:

    Wow, this brought back some memories! I had the same item myself but for the 77-78? school year… I used to stare at the cover, great artwork. Too bad the movie (77?) wasn’t as good. Great find!

  3. I never played that game VicSage, but it sound very cool. Love vertical games. It seems like the marketing and branded material as a whole, were much better then the film itself.

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