Disturbing Monster Cake = Shivers of Fear AND Pangs of Hunger

All October I have been looking for cake that is truly disturbing. Not horribly done disturbing, but well done disturbing. I thought the whole search was a failure until i beheld this marvel of sugar and fear on Flickr this morning. A to scale creepy, gooey brown monster/corpse that instantly caught my attention and has left me kind of grossed out and kind of hungry.

Warning make cause nightmares/hunger:
disturbing monster cake

And its really impressive check out the artist note:
Made for a halloween party, this cake came out quite scary and realistic! I used 4 deliciously moist chocolate cakes along a TON of ganache, 80 ounces of chocolate and 8 cups of heavy cream to be exact ;) The engineering on this wasn’t easy considering how thin the neck is. It really held up well! The head is a 3 layer cake. There are NO dowels, NO rice krispies for this cake.

For more info and better images check out the Halloween monster cake – life-size! [@] Flickr


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3 thoughts on “Disturbing Monster Cake = Shivers of Fear AND Pangs of Hunger

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I love this cake, but I dunno whether to bury it in my yard, or in my stomach.

    Kidding, it’s chocolate cake. Only one place to bury it.
    Also – ecch.
    Then more yum.

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