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Alligator Trailer

Before the SyFy channel was concocting all of of its madness, you could actually expect some decent thrills from giant-sized animal movies. Case in point…Alligator! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wA0w_e7Gkw

The End of the Whole Mess

Year: 2006 Director: Mikael Salomon Writer: Lawrence D. Cohen Starring: Ron Livingston, Henry Thomas, Tyler Coppin, Rebecca Gibney The say God protects drunks and fools and children. They also say the Devil is in the details. Much like the Masters of Horror review, the Screwfly Solution, I feel kind of […]

Vintage Halloween Postcard

A Merry Halloween from Huck Finn

It’s Hallowe’en when little boys Are frightened by the slightest noise, And little girls run off to bed And climb in quick and hide their head. I’ve seen this with other vintage postcards, there seems to be a disconnect between the sentiment of the poem and that of the image. […]