Not of This Earth (1988) almost causes Camp Overload

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Last night I was feeling like something a little less serious after watching The Exorcist. I could not have picked a less serious title if I tried. The 1988 version of Not of this Earth is a Roger Corman produced movie and it is based on the 1957 film that Corman directed. Rumor has it that the film’s production was based on a bet between director Jim Wynorski and Corman. Wynorski said that he could make the same movie in the same amount of time as the original (12 days), he accomplished that task in just 11 and a half days. The results are of course pure Corman lo-fi camp, that is enjoyable to watch and will haunt you the way a good horror movie does (but in a different way.)

The plot if straightforward enough for a Sci-Fi flick. An alien is up to something on Earth and it is up to our heroine to figure out what and hopefully do something about it. The heroine in this case is XXX film star Traci Lords, who actually seems to take the role as seriously as is possible and demonstrates a decent amount of charisma. What i found really surprising was that Roger Lodge is also in the movie. I was only familiar with him from his work as host of the TV show Blind Date. I don’t want to disparage Mr. Lodge too much, but he is a much better game show show host then actor.

The film is a Corman flick, so go into it with that in mind and I think you will enjoy it. The new release from Shout Factory! certainly gives the title the respect usually reserved for much higher end releases.

* A widescreen transfer that looks great
* New and old Audio commentary
* An interview with Traci Lords
* Trailers

Not too bad. As I reach the mid-point of the month, I breath a sigh of movie relief. I have a lot of high quality horror and SF ahead of me and I cannot wait till the end of the month and the title I am most looking forward to…

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  1. I prefer her earlier work.

  2. I remember when this came out on video, it was kind of a big deal because even Entertainment Tonight had a spot concerning Traci Lords going into legit acting.

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