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Horror movies has an easy time with me as a kid. I guess I just liked the idea of being scared by the movies so much that I made a special effort to suspend my disbelief right from the get go. Now while all those movies scared me, with their permission, one movie, for some reason really terrified me and that was the Exorcist. I am not sure what it was about the film. The gravity of the acting, the religious overtones, the visual style? I just don’t know, but whenever I saw it as a kid it send me into a fit of sleepless nights.


The movie does not terrify me like it did now that I am an adult, but it is still one my favorite films to watch during October. Now I owned a DVD of the original theatrical release, but when I heard about the extended footage edition in this Director’s Cut, I thought I needed to check it out. Now I like the original and will watch that again I am sure, but the directors cut is pretty good. They added 10 minutes of footage that does not feel artificial or tacked on, instead it feels like it moves the story forward and fills in some empty spaces in the plot. But most importantly it adds some new scares to a movie, that while still excellent, has become predictable after dozens of re-watchings.

In addition to the extra footage and new music, this DVD also contained Commentary tracks by the director William Friedkin, the Theatrical Trailer and TV and radio spots. The Exorcist is not for everyone, but if you like horror and haven’t seen it yet…what are you waiting for??? If you have seen the movie a bunch of times before and are getting bored with it, The Directors Cut may be just what you need to find a new appreciation for a solid horror classic. You can pick up a copy of the DVD via Amazon or if downloads are more your thing, you can pick up a copy of the movie as a download with extra through iTunes.

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  1. This movie terrified me…and still gives me a chill at the age of 39. One of my other all time October favs to watch is The Changeling (1980). This movie is a great ghost story that scares you mentally. Highly recommend it if you havent seen it before. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080516/

  2. I agree with Fraze both on the Exorcist and the Changeling. By the way that is one of the movies I’ll be reviewing next week. Are you looking through my computer files or something? ;)

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