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Okay, I have been watching a lot of horror movies lately and I wanted something to cleanse the pallet. Now I have It’s the Great Pumpkin on hand, but I wanted to save that for close to Halloween, so instead I watched a TV special that has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween, He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown. I will say two things, one, Peanuts specials all work really well during this time of year and two, I think I can explain this movie as a horror films, so here goes.

Charlie Brown, thinking that his best friend needs some discipline decides to send him to a doggy boot camp. Of course things at the camp are not what they seem. So luckily for our furry friend, he never makes it to this camp in the woods and instead winds up in the home of a delusional sandle-wearing owner who has unique theories on dog ownership. Will Snoopy survive the masochistic whims of this gravely throated tom-boy or will he be rescued by his now repentant former master.

Now does that seem more like a Halloween Movie? I picked this up in the remastered deluxed edition DVD and it looks and sounds great, plus it has a few extras

* Life is A Circus, Charlie Brown – which is another special from 1980 that coudl be explained as equally terrifying since Snoopy joins a circus in this one.
* Snoopy’s Home Ice: The Story of the Redwood Empire Ice Arena – A really cool featurette about a Peanuts branded ice skating arena out in California that I have actually been to.

All in all a wonderful movie watching sorbet. I think He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown, might make it onto my regular fall rotation now, since I often need a Peanuts fix this month and do not want to use up my watching of more Halloween relevant specials until the week of Halloween.

He’s Your Dog, Charlie Brown (Deluxe Edition) [@] Amazon


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