Hearty Halloween Greetings

A very dapper Mr. Pumpkinhead wishes you a hearty Halloween greeting. He comes handsomely dressed for the holiday with sweet plaid vest and peg-leg pin-striped pants. And are those red pin-striped shoes and an American flag bow tie? Nice.

But what’s with the cabbage bouquet? Cabbage seems to be a common theme on Halloween (see Good Luck for Halloween post and KCrider’s comment). Perhaps Mr. Pumpkinhead lives in rural Vermont – which is pretty much the whole state – and is going to participate in Cabbage Night. Not familiar?

In rustic parts of New England some kids celebrate Cabbage Night. The fields have been harvested, but a few heads of cabbage would be left to rot. On Cabbage Night, the night before Halloween, the farm kids collect the cabbages from the fields and go about town throwing them onto lawns.

In my neck of the woods (N.J.) we called the night before Halloween Mischief Night. It involved some degree of mayhem, but didn’t involve cabbages…mostly eggs, toilet paper, and shaving cream. What did they call the night before Halloween in your area and what went on? Why not head over to the forum to discuss…


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