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When Trish (Michelle Michaels) decides to invite her high school girls basketball teammates over for a slumber party, she has no idea the night will be ruined by an escaped mental patient with a portable drill in the cult classic The Slumber Party Massacre.

The only sane survivor of the first incident, Courtney (Crystal Bernard), dreams of the driller killer returning in the first sequel, Slumber Party Massacre II. She cannot help shake the feeling that she and her friends will be viciously tormented by the killer. Her nightmare becomes reality when the killer returns, reincarnated as an evil rocker with a deadly guitar.

After a relaxing day at the beach, a group of teens decide to have a slumber party. Their boyfriends predictably show up to scare them, but there is something much scarier lurking in the shadows as the group starts getting attacked by an unknown killer in the second, and last, installment, Slumber Party Massacre III.

Oh Shout Factory!, you magnificent bastards! While lot of companies are remastering and re-releasing award winning classics from Hollywood’s Golden Era, they are releasing movies that we want to see and own. Case and point, the Corman Cult Classic, Slumber Party Massacre. I saw this movie many moons ago over at a friends house one summer and it has stuck with me ever since. It is one of those films that is much better then you expect to be, sure it isn’t Halloween, but it has a surprising number of elements in common and as horror movies go, it is occasionally builds the right amount of suspense and delivers on the 80s gore. Oh and if you did not guess, since the movie is called Slumber Party Massacre and it was made in the early 1980s, it is lousy with gratuitous nudity.

The DVD set contains all 3 slumber Party Massacre films, which if you watch them in order, will give you a diminishing return on your viewing investment. But what elevates part 2 and 3 is that they have included Audio Commentary tracks that will give you some insight into the making of this trilogy and distract you during some of the lowpoints in production.

The first two movies (the money ones) look better then I have ever seen, with a clean widescreen transfer. Also included is a 3 part documentary on the makings of the movies, a photo and poster gallery and the theatrical trailers. While 2 and 3 are less enjoyable to watch. Slumber Party Massacre one, is well worth the price of admission on this collection. When you take into account the extras on the other films and marry this all to a Saturday night movie watching part, you got yourself a must own collection.

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