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It has been at least a year since I watched Teen Wolf last. Last time I watched it I meant to comment on how this is one of the only films that really makes MJ Fox unlikable. Even before he gets his super powers, he is “okay”, but is kind of a self absorbed jerk and even by the end of the film I am not sure that this self absorption is fully over. Sure he goes through a transformation (back to human), but during the game could he be more full of himself? I know the other guys kind of deserves to be put down, but you would think a lifetime of being an average guy would make Scott (Fox) just a little humble. That humility would have only amplified the effect of that game.

Oh and about that game. It is a good thing the Beavers played that well, because it seems that Scott’s need to celebrate EVERY point in the game by jumping on his fellow players and pumping his fist in slow motion only seems to give the other team more opportunities to score. You know, I am not even sure they played well, because if you watch the montage enough, I rewound it 3 times, it become obvious that their is NO WAY the Beaver could beat the Dragons. The Dragons are aggressively driving the ball every time, while the Beaver are leaping around like a bunch of 5 year olds who just got their first bicycle. It is so aggravating and distracting!! Playing this way I cannot see how they would ever…Win in the end…

Despite these things, I still somehow walk away loving this movie.

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  1. This might be the least believable basketball footage from all moviedom. MJ Fox has one ugly shot.

  2. Hilarious take on it! I love the movie myself and the music is awesome!

  3. I agree with BANE that the music is awesome! Retroist, great pick!

  4. I always wondered which was worse, Fox’s basketball shot technique or Tom Robbins pitiching motion in Bull Durham

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