Atlantis, The Lost Continent

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Atlantis, The Lost Continent is another one of the films from my youth that recently got a release through the Warner Bros. Archive. I grew up watching these fantasy adventure/sci-fi films on local television stations on lazy Sunday afternoons. While many of them are cheesy in some ways, they all fueled my young imagination. Of course with a plot like this how could it not…

Rejoice, citizens of Atlantis! Princess Antillia, lost upon uncharted seas, has been guided home by intrepid Greek fisherman Demetrios. In a strange act of Atlantean gratitude, Demetrios is cast into slavery. He will endure the macabre House of Hell. Fight for his life before a cheering arena throng in the Ordeal of Fire and Water. And rescue the princess again as they flee the realm’s volcanic doom. Welcome to Atlantis, the Lost Continent, where royal guardsmen wear uniforms that could easily be from the wardrobe of Ming the Merciless and where some unfortunate slaves are turned into bovine-headed beasts. Yes, that kind of movie: popcorn-worthy and spearheaded by legendary fantasy film producer George Pal (The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine).

Of course you should watch Atlantis, The Lost Continent, but after dropping this into my Halloween movie queue I was struck with the questions, “what constitutes a Halloween film?” Is it horror? Can any Sci-Fi qualify? How about fantasy? I thought about this for a bit after watching the movie the other night and came to the conclusion that I have no idea. It seems that it is a very personal thing. Some people are hardcore horror or terror fans, while others like me are more liberal with out definition. I just need an element of the fantastic. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have monsters of some sort…

No matter what your definition of a Halloween movie might be, Atlantis, The Lost Continent, is still a fun ride on a lazy weekend afternoon. Currently it is only through the Warner Bros Archive, so if you want to watch it for Halloween you will need to place your order soon.

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  1. If that’s not enough movie magic for Halloween, I don’t know what is.
    My eyes are staggered just from that trailer.

    I’d like to see a machete-wielding Jason face off against a giant blue trident-wielding Titan.
    (Really, I’d like to see that).

  2. That looks absolutely incredible! I cannot afford all of this neat stuff that is coming out, friends. Is the narrator, Orson Welles?

    You do bring up a great question by the way about what movies one should watch during Halloween…it would be the same as saying you can only dress up as scary things when trick or treating. :)

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