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Shock Waves

Year: 1977 Director: Ken Wiederhorn Writer(s): Ken Wiederhorn, Ken Pare, John Kent Harrison Starring: Brooke Adams, Luke Halpin, Fred Buch, Jack Davidson, D.J. Sidney, Don Stout, John Carradine, Peter Cushing We created the perfect soldier from cheap hoodlums and thugs…and a good number of pathological murders and sadists as well. […]

the power dvd

The Power on DVD

Who has The Power? The Power to control minds, move objects, and murder by telekinesis? That’s what scientists at a space lab want to know when they realize they are targeted by one of their own – someone who possesses a superhuman power and a terrifying secret agenda. Producer George […]

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Halloween Greetings

I am a woman desperately bored with life, anxious for adventure. Peeling these apples has failed to arouse me from my deepening apathy. Oh, the fruit may satiate the hunger in my belly, but not the hunger in my heart. I would favor energetic action to this — something to […]