1980 CBS Cartoons Promos – Including Halloween Specials

1980 was a great time before for watching TV. VCRs were not widespread so you needed to plan your time around the Halloween programming events, which made them so much more exciting.



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4 thoughts on “1980 CBS Cartoons Promos – Including Halloween Specials

  1. We sure had some great cartoons back in the 1980’s. I remember all the ones showed in your video. I was a little bummed out that “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” wasn’t represented. That’s a Halloween staple in my opinion.

  2. @CommodoreComputerClub We certainly did have some great cartoons in our day!

    I sure enjoyed seeing the Drak Pack in that vid, I had a good friend who secure me a couple of episodes by VHS trade a few years back. When are they going to bring that and the Herculoids to DVD? :)

  3. I had seen this promo floating around YouTube. Good stuff. Yeah sometimes I miss the days of only seeing Halloween specials once a year, planning around the airdates. Now I try and mitigate my DVD watching by saving the Halloween stuff for October. -sigh- Good times…

  4. @VicSage2005: Yep, cartoons today (and even a lot of games) are so… well… the same. Back in the late 1970’s and 1980’s there was so much creativity with cartoons, movies, games, etc… now it’s all the same to me… not a whole lot of original concepts. Eh, at least we have our memories and sites like Retroist.com and the Commodore Computer Club :)

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