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Scalps was an odd relic of the 70s/80s slasher explosion. I actually enjoyed some parts of it and it obvious that the folks behind the film actually seemed to put in some effort, but the movie is so poorly filmed, that it is hard to stay focused. I am not sure if they forgot to buy a tripod or they are just trying to be unsettling, but they seem to put the camera all over the place at weird angles and at odd distances. It was so distracting that I had to pause to write notes to myself about the film, so I would remember. Here are the actual notes I wrote for Scalps:

– Music is interesting
– Wow that’s a bad shot
– That woman’s hair looks really damaged
– Did Native American really scalp people? I should know that
– Buy more lemonade (pink)
– Bad camera placement
– I want to scalp these people
– Archaeology really is boring
– Why would you put the camera down there
– No way that woman would have fallen down
– I like the trees
– I should note these characters names
– I wonder if Boardwalk Empire is any good
– Tomorrow I need to pick a better film

Scalps did not hold my attention at all. Maybe tomorrow I will have better luck.

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  1. My Lord, this looks like it might have been shot on 8MM or possibly 16MM! I have not had the misfortune of seeing this film and I’m sorry that you had to subject yourself to it for our pleasure, but at least I can remove this from my watch list. ;)

    Boardwalk Empire is amazing, Retroist…just so you can cross that from your notes list. Ha, ha.

  2. I think I tried watching this once.
    Musta blacked out from boredom, cuz all I remember is the tape rewinding by itself.
    I like to think my old VCR stopped the movie halfway through and did that when it saw I was asleep.

  3. Going by your review this is not a must see, ever. However, with a name like Scalps I almost have to see it. What is wrong with me?

    Also, just watched Shock Waves a pretty decent 1970’s Nazi Zombie movie

  4. Definitely looks like drive-in movie fare… you know, the last movie of the night when everyone has moved past watching the movie and on to other things.

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