The Trailer Park – Ruby (1977)

1977’s Ruby is underrated little gem about a woman who runs a backwoods Drive-In theater where things go horribly wrong. Starring Carrie’s Piper Laurie, if you have the opportunity to catch it, especially at a drive-in, do not pass it up.

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3 thoughts on “The Trailer Park – Ruby (1977)

  1. I wonder how and why Piper Laurie had to settle for roles in dreck like Carrie, this movie (both are “good” dreck, but still dreck), and bit parts in garbage like Law and Order, when she played such a great character in one of the greatest (and my favorite) movies of all time, The Hustler…

  2. Bah… forgot the character name and cannot edit my post… Sarah Packard, Eddie Felson’s (Paul Newman) “love” interest. Then again, Sarah was pretty unstable, and Piper has a knack for playing unstable characters, so…

  3. Wow. That looks awesome! Though the trailer makes is appear that Stuart Whitman comes to a bad ending. Doesn’t seem to be available on Netflix though.

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