Retroist Halloween 2010

retroist halloween

October is upon us, so I flipped the Halloween switch and the Retroist is now entering spooky holiday mode. You will probably notice the new header first, which was done by Christopher Tupa. It feels very good to have his art back on the front page of the site and I am looking forward to seeing all the fun spooky stuff he will be drawing for the Halloween season. I also added a box with links to some Halloween content and will use that area and change it once the month is in progress.

Thanks to everyone who is already submitting Halloween content to the site. This is gonna be a great 31 days! Let the holiday commence!!


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3 thoughts on “Retroist Halloween 2010

  1. @Zerbinator Hey, friend, remember that they promise to bury you for free if you die of fright while watching the Screaming Skull. I wonder if that offer still stands? ;)

    Tupa, I have to add that is some mighty nice artwork that you have done, as usual!

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