Planet M.U.L.E. is Freeware M.U.L.E

Fan of M.U.L.E, but lack the hardware to play the original game. Why not check out the freeware version of the classic, Planet M.U.L.E. With updated graphic and features and support for modern computing platforms (WIN, OSX and LINUX), is a must check out for classic gaming fans who need their M.U.L.E. fix.

planet mule

Take a Rocket to Planet M.U.L.E.


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3 thoughts on “Planet M.U.L.E. is Freeware M.U.L.E

  1. vinvectrex says:

    I loved playing M.U.L.E. with my sister – great game. I may have to give her a call so we can revisit this classic. I had no idea this was available. Thanks Retroist!

  2. bbking67 says:

    You are far better off with the atari 800 version of MULE in an emulator that the remake. There is also a NES port (I own both luckily!) that plays well except for the fact that the wumpus is waaaay too easy to catch. There is nothing better than a 4 player MULE session on an atari… RIP Dan Bunten (aka Dani Bunten in his/her later incarnation).

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