8BITS – A Short Movie

The questions I asked myself after watching 8BITS is why it took someone so long to incorporate 8-bit gaming stuff into an animated film? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter no, because 8BITS does it and it does it really well. From beginning to end you will feel like this is all playing our on some weird HD NES.

[via] 8BITS


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One thought on “8BITS – A Short Movie

  1. I didn’t exactly like it, but that little princess thing is pretty cool. It’s like Midna if she were Zelda. Or something.

    It occurs to me that this is sort of a symbolic expression of angst where that princess represents 2D gaming and the “hero” is a die hard fan of retro style games doing what he can to preserve his passion. However, it’s all kind of a depressing farce since in this case, the bad guy is most certainly correct and triumphant in the real world situation that this is all based on. 2D games really are effectively dead, with stragglers still barely carving a niche. And there really is nothing that fans of the style can do to change that, regardless of how intensely melodramatic their emotion on the subject might be.

    At least that’s all true as far as the mainstream game industry is concerned.

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