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Electric football has always been a favorite toy of mine since I was a boy in the 1970’s. As a teenager to young adult I hadn’t seen a game. I still had all the red and white players for years,unpainted. They we’re from a set I had as a kid. Just before Christmas 2002,I was in a Toys-R-Us in Clearwater, Florida and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw a SuperBowl Electric Football game!

It was Rams vs. Titans! I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Since that day I have collected all the NFL teams in both dark and light jerseys. I even found an Electric Football stadium and a model kit of the Goodyear blimp on eBay. Both look great and the blimp now hangs over the stadium. If I do say so myself, it looks pretty cool.

I have also collected the NCAA teams in dark and white that Miggle toys offers. I enjoy it so much, I have even gotten into the hobby of painting my own players. Allowing me to create college teams that Miggle doesn’t offer. I’ve done Army, Navy, Pitt, North Carolina, University of South Florida, Notre Dame and Syracuse. Right now I’m in the middle of doing Boston College and after that I plan on doing Utah, Boise State, Uconn and Oregon to name a few.

It is an addictive hobby that I recommend to people of all ages. If you are in the Tampa Bay area and are interested in playing a game, drop me a line. I am very interested in starting a league.

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  1. My parents had purchased electronic football for my brothers. Eventually, the game was moved into my room because I was the bigger sports fan. I have three older brothers but I’m the one who played soccer and lacrosse in school. I remember playing this by myself because at that time there wasn’t many girls on my street that liked sports or playing sports games. I remember that I only played on Sunday mornings because that is the day football was played. Good times….

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