Chopper Command Ad

I am ready to join the Chopper Command! Sign me up Activision…

chopper command


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7 thoughts on “Chopper Command Ad

  1. Jason K. says:

    Man, I love Chopper Command. Though looking at the cover, I could never figure out why the government would make an attack helicopter that made a rainbow like that. Doesn’t seem real intimidating to me.

    “Sir, The Enemy Helicopter is Right in Front of us. Permission to Engage.”
    “Not yet….I want to look at that beautiful rainbow for just a few more seconds….it’s so amazing……*KA-BOOM!!!!*”

    OK, So I guess it might work as a distraction technique. I stand corrected. USA!USA!

  2. vinvectrex says:

    Great ad. I may have more seriously considered a military career if they had t-shirts like this.

  3. Jersey Girl says:

    Wow! I had totally forgotten about this game. This wasn’t one of my favorite but I remember my Dad buying it for me at Sears in the $1 game bin.

  4. Ugly American says:

    It’s a well made game. The action is fast and smooth.

    Notice the ‘Atari Horizon’ fx. The 8 bit Ataris didn’t have allot of color registers but you could rewrite them every line so many games had nice sunset and horizon fx. The effect was later taken to the max with the ‘Amiga Rainbows’ and color cycling. Indecently the same guy did the majority of the Atari & Amiga gfx chip design work – Jay Miner.

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