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The family Robinson is in hiber-sleep, soaring into deep space. Their mission: establish a colony that will become home for a dying Earth’s inhabitants. But sabotage jolts the Robinsons awake, sending them–and an often troublesome robot–off course and into amazing adventures where the question is not just where they are, but also when. A fine cast (Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Matt LeBlanc, Heather Graham and more) sets just the right tone of heroism and fun in an imaginative sci-fi voyage based on the ’60s TV series and featuring cameos by some of the TV stars. “Danger, Will Robinson!” And amazement too.

lost in space

Did you every want a movie to be good even though you know their is no possible way that it can be good? That was exactly my frame in mind when I walked into Lost in Space when it was in theaters many moons ago. I like Matt LeBlanc as much as the next guy (especially that monkey movie he made), but adding him to a film is not the main ingredient in the film success recipe. Now despite all that it could have had going against it, I still went and saw it. Which gives you a glimpse into my madness. In the end I didn’t mind it at all. Could it have been better? Maybe?? But I challenge you to tell me how. I just can’t wrap my brain around how to make a high quality big cinema version of Lost in Space. In my head it is a show that is best suited for the small screen.

Since the film came out I have watched it on TBS and/or TNT a bunch of times and it has become a familiar background movie to me. I decided to give it a full watching on Blu-Ray this weekend and it didn’t really break down any walls, but it looked much better then I have ever seen and the Commentary track by the writer/director was illuminating and I really liked the Q&A with the original cast.

Sure I would prefer the original Lost in Space TV series on BR, but I have my doubts about that happening anytime soon. So if you got a Sci-Fi itch to scratch and you have really exhausted your faves, give Lost in Space another watching. You might not make it you new fave film, but it certainly has its charms. I am talking to you LeBlanc.

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2 thoughts on “Lost in Space on Blu-Ray

  1. I know just what you mean. I’m actually really surprised this movie got he Blu-Ray treatment.

    Even if the story was a little poor, and the relationships between the characters weren’t really as compelling as they tried to be, this movie had some truly excellent production design. You can’t deny the robot or the Jupiter 2 have never looked better, and check out those rad uniforms. If I had one of those, I’d wear it out often, for no apparent reason.

    On top of that, there was a certain dreary, desperate mood to the tone and atmosphere that really appeals to me. That’s probably one of the things that worked against it, really. Audiences expect lighthearted whimsy and a sense of humor in a Lost in Space project, and this one wasn’t the slightest bit tongue-in-cheek. Only the little space monkey pet creature (Blip?) brought any significant comedy relief to the production, and really, he resulted in more of a Jar-Jar factor.

    It’s not such a good movie. However, not every movie has to be “good” for me to really like it, and this is among the top on that list.

  2. I agree with you both, friends.

    An enjoyable sci-fi/action flick that has some moments that don’t quite gel but at the very least it still possesses that spark of what made the television show so remarkable. I think they went with the original episodes as their blueprint, when Dr. Smith was far from bumbling and lovable…and I really wish there could have been a sequel. I really would have liked to see where the filmmakers planned to take the Robinsons next.

    At the very least I was able to add some pretty awesome Robot toys to my collection. :)

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