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September has so far been a hectic month and I have not had a lot of downtime. So I decided to dedicate a few hours each night to catch up on some movie watching. A few weeks ago I was really high on the movie Forbidden Planet, which kind of set me off on a Sci-Fi bender. I got my hands on 6 Sci-Fi movies, all of which I have been watching and will share with you. The first one is the only one I got that isn’t retro in some way, The Matrix Reloaded. The first Matrix isn’t exactly retro for many of us, but for a lot of younger people that first film is a defining event of their early film watching (it is pretty good). I really liked the first one and was looking forward to the second one and when I saw it, I almost didn’t watch the third one. This exact same thing happened to me once before with the classic 80s film trilogy Back to the Future.

matrix reloaded

Both Back to the Future and the Matrix were genre bending, effects laden and epic. Their was no way that the second movie, when it hit theaters could live up to the original. So instantly one felt letdown. But much like with Back to the Future II, The Matrix Reloaded is actually a pretty decent film when watched in retrospect. I am in no way saying that it is as good as the original, but after watching it again, I have to say I did judge it too harshly. Plus in HD, on a nice TV screen, the film looks amazing. Throw into that a boatload of special features and you are cooking with gas. Here is a sampling of those extras:

* 2 Audio Commentaries
* Trailers
* TV Spots
* Music Video
* Over a dozen Featurettes

In 10 years, I think people will still be talking about The Matrix, warts and all. As for the Matrix Reloaded, it is a great Blu-Ray to have on hand and if you like extras it had enough to keep you busy for two weekends. The action plays out like a video game, which when combined with great HD picture and sound, makes for an enjoyable way to pass a Sunday afternoon.

Matrix Reloaded [Blu-ray] [@] Amazon


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2 thoughts on “Matrix Reloaded on Blu-Ray

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Both sequels for BTTF and Matrix felt like some good scenes were thought up but badly tied together.
    In both cases the results were unsatisfying, to me.

    I prefer the BTTF continuation nowadays because the cliffhanger isn’t as annoying if you can just pop in the conclusion a few seconds afterward. And the characters are still likable.
    But theatrically, BTTF2 initially felt like watching It’s A Wonderful Life with George Bailey stuck in his nightmarish past as the credits rolled.

    And the Matrix sequels were humorless, ponderous and rather confusing.
    A missed opportunity for sure. But the first movie will always be classic.

  2. Ugly American says:

    The only part of the original Matrix I didn’t like was the using humans as batteries part. I thought the secret would be that the humans wanted to live in the Matrix after destroying the environment.

    I’ve met some of the guys that did special fx for the Matrix series and they said it was originally supposed to be just one long movie but the the studio first demanded they cut it down and then after it was a hit they pushed for a trilogy after the story was already told.

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