The Last Starfighter – The Movie Game is Real!!

Some time ago I did a web search on the Last Starfighter – one of my favorite 1980s sci-fi movies. I was curious about the actual video game in the movie. Turns out it was more or less just a prop. But then along comes a group of brilliant programmers at Rogue Synapse with a similar interest and tah-dah!! – the game becomes reality!! And you can actually download The Last Starfighter game for free (and other famous movie games) at their website.

I have played The Last Starfighter game and their version of Space Paranoids from the movie Tron. Both are great fun!! What’s even more cool – they have blueprints, etc of the actual Starfighter Cabinet! I am actually planning to build one of these for my home game room – awesome!!

Check it out when you can!!


The Last Starfighter Video Game [@] Rogue Synapse


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