Enter the Ninja Trailer (1981)

Their is so much wrong with this movie — which makes it soooooo right. I had a friend who saw this in some theater way back in the 1980s and he was suddenly the local expert on the hereto unheard of art of Ninjitsu. It wasn’t until I saw Enter the Ninja that I realized that he received all of his information from the film and not from some secret school he attended that summer.



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2 thoughts on “Enter the Ninja Trailer (1981)

  1. mwentworth says:

    Oh man. I always remembered that this and The Octagon came out the same summer, but Octagon was Aug 80 and Enter the Ninja not until Oct 81. Octagon began a short but fun phase of Black Belt magazine and mail order Shurikens and Nunchaku. I thought that a pair of “chucks” made of cocobolo wood sounded mysterious. What they were was HEAVY. My friends all laughed when I got them and could hardly lift them. It was like weight training however, and before long I was wicked faster than any of them (when using their lighter sticks), but I still had to make my own sound effects to make it sound like Bruce Lee’s nunchuks cutting through the air. We were dorks. Morgan

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