None but the Lonely Heart on DVD

none but the lonely heart

The Warner Archive strikes again. This time delivering the award winning Cary Grant drama, None but the Lonely Heart. In addition to Grant this Clifford Odets film has Ethel Barrymore, Barry Fitzgerald, June Duprez, Jane Wyatt, George Coulouris, and Dan Duryea. I went on a bit of Grant kick about 10 years ago and tried watching as many of his films as I could lay my hands on. Unfortunately, my local video store at the time could not lay their hands on None but the Lonely Heart and when I tried to order it on DVD I found that it was unavailable. I signed up for the Warner Newsletter (the archive updates specifically) and was happy to see this title was listed and I just watched it last night. What a film! It makes modern dramas seem overwrought and ham handed. I can say with a certain certainty that they “don’t make them like that anymore”. Just listen to this summary:

Down-and-out Londoner Ernie Mott makes the best of things – finding love here, dabbling in crime there. Still, there’s a core of decency in Ernie. But a world of poverty and despair has little use for decency. Cary Grant plays Ernie in a milestone work set just before World War II. Gone is the usual Grant elegance. Instead, wistful Cockney Ernie is closer to the star’s ’umble roots and Grant took great pride in his performance, which earned him an Academy Award nomination as Best Actor. He also helped lure Ethel Barrymore back to Hollywood, and she responded vibrantly with 1944’s Oscar -winning Best Supporting Actress portrayal of Ernie’s dying mother. Let the moods of this masterwork wash over you. In its ebb and flow you’ll find a moving eloquence close to the heart of the film’s leading man.

I know! Just like the plot of Piranha 3D.

The movie has been remastered and looks great, but remember this is an Archive release, so don’t fire it up looking for extras. Another great addition to the classic movies available, None but the Lonely Heart on DVD should be in your collection.

None but the Lonely Heart on DVD [@] The Warner Archive


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