Who Shot Johnny Rock? Game Trailer (1991)

American Laser Games was a company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that created a wide variety of light gun laserdisc video games. Who Shot Johnny Rock? was their second game after the very popular Mad Dog McCree. Who Shot Johnny Rock? is set in a Hollywood version of 1920s Chicago and the player takes on the role of a private detective who has been hired to find out who murdered a nightclub singer named Johnny Rock


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One thought on “Who Shot Johnny Rock? Game Trailer (1991)

  1. I remember seeing the ad for the Sega CD in a game magazine, I would love to have played it back in the day. Sure the acting is a little cheesy but it looks interesting at the very least.

    I played many hours of Dracula Unleashed for the Sega CD, never beat it, but somehow missed out on this title.

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