Space Stars Will Return After These Messages

Finally the show is over so we can see some commercials…


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2 thoughts on “Space Stars Will Return After These Messages

  1. What ever happened to doughnut based breakfast cereals!?

    One of the things I usually imagine I would miss in the event of surviving an apocalyptic event, or being stranded on a deserted island is stuff like foods that nature just doesn’t provide. I imagine trying to be happy in a world with no hot dogs or jelly beans or any of the other processed foods that I sometimes crave. It’s already unpleasant enough doing without Schlotzsky’s sandwiches, Carnation Instant Breakfast bars and Nintendo Cereal System.

    When will the future finally invent Star Trek (the Next Generation)-style food replicators!? That’s the only way I can imagine ever satisfying my urge to consume obscure, discontinued, processed foods.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Those donut cereal ads remind me of John Belushi’s SNL faux commercial for “Little Chocolate Donuts Cereal” where he’s eating from a bowl of actual donuts with a cigarette in his hand.

    And if you’d pluck a box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal across a river for me, I’d carry you across some raging rapids for sure.

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