Double Feature: Deathsport and Battle Truck Released on DVD

Battletruck: After the Oil Wars, gasoline has become a precious commodity. On his marauding search to commandeer all of the oil in existence to feed his massive, heavily armored battletruck, Colonel Straker (James Wainwright) ravages a peaceful commune. A mysterious man on a motorcycle (Michael Beck, The Warriors) comes to the aid of these peaceful people to help protect them and take down Straker, with the help of his runaway daughter. Also released under the alternate title Warlords Of The Twenty-First Century, BattleTruck costars Bruno Lawrence ( The Quiet Earth), Annie McEnroe ( Beetle Juice, Wall Street) and John Ratzenberger ( Cheers, Toy Story). The films cinematographer, Chris Menges, went on to shoot The Killing Fields, The Mission and The Reader.

Deathsport: One thousand years into the future, following the Great Neutron Wars, the world is divided into desert wastes and isolated city-states. Lord Zirpola captures the notorious Desert Ranger Kaz (David Carradine) to fight to the death in his game, Deathsport. Now Kaz must face his past and fight to save himself and his city from the war that Lord Zirpola is about to wage. Costarring with Carradine is beautiful B-movie starlet Claudia Jennings (Great Texas Dynamite Chase, Gator Bait), Jesse Vint (Forbidden World, Macon County Line) and Richard Lynch (The Sword And The Sorcerer, Bad Dreams).

deathsport battletruck

Since Shout Factory! keeps releasing these Roger Corman Cult Classics I keep watching them. This weekend I watched the B-movie double feature Deathsport and Battletruck. Both of them are silly over the top violence fests that remind me of what going to a drive-in Theater late on a Saturday Night was all about. Silly mindless escapism at its finest and while I might lament the loss of the Drive-In, I have to admit, it is much nicer to have a clear picture, stereo sound and most importantly a comfortable couch to sit on. The seats in my family’s Oldsmobile were nice, but on a humid summer night, with no air-conditioner — it could be brutal.

Besides the movies looking and sounding better then ever, they also have some nice extras, including:

* Audio Commentary
* Still Gallery
* Trailers
* TV Spots

If you are going to spend next Friday night plunked down on your sofa watching TV. Forget all that reality TV jazz, instead do your Fridays B-movie style and pick up a copy of Deathsport/Battletruck. It is available from both Amazon and Shout! Factory.


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