Banana Splits Performing “I’m Gonna Find a Cave” (1969)

I was terribly addicted to watching Banana Splits in reruns when I was a kid. Which meant I needed to get up at the crack of dawn, since they only showed them between 6am and 7am in my local market. Still — so worth it. Here are the Splits performing “I’m Gonna Find a Cave” way back in 1969.


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2 thoughts on “Banana Splits Performing “I’m Gonna Find a Cave” (1969)

  1. I still love the Banana Splits! I too had to catch it early mornings in my neck of the woods. I didn’t care much for the Danger Island segments (even though it had a young Jan Michael Vincent) but I really enjoyed the Arabian Knights cartoons.

    I still think that Drooper is my favorite. Great memories!

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    These guys were my buddies when I was toddler material. Had lots of coloring books, hand puppets and the like from being a kid in that era (it was groovy, man).

    And yeah, I think I appreciate Richard Donner’s Danger Island bits more today than back then, when it interrupted the happy madness.

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